Death taught Me

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Dear loved one,

The flowers you left are no longer being watered. The scars on our heart reflects our inability to heal. We mourn your death to kill our own sorrow. We allow the lack of your presence to confine our memory of you as dead. Is it crazy that I've learned from the dead? That I've listened to them more once they laid in the casket, than I ever did when they walked this earth. The dead taught me a lesson. A lesson that I could only learn from the dead. Death scares us all, we cry more for the dead than we did when they were hurting on earth. We speak to them more and ask them to guard over us. Did they not protect us on earth? They're dead. The flowers we gave them can no longer live without water. We feel this hurt every time we speak their name. That same name we once cursed. The dead taught me to love. Love all at once and hold nothing back. To be present in the future and stop waiting for tomorrow. See, there's so much I have to say to the dead. So much I need the dead to see. I wonder can the dead still see me. See the flowers I'm ready to give them. Are they present like before? Am I content with acknowledging those who've died because they've done their job? This lesson they taught me. I could only really learn because their dead. See, they taught me that my life has value with or without them in it. I have to make conscious decisions everyday to create the best life possible for myself. I never viewed life this way. Until I looked back on the dead. Only remembering all the wonderful things they've done in life, in their after life. We should've gave them their flowers then. They're dead now , a flower that can no longer be watered. Death forces us to feel things. A simple action can reopen the wounds that death created. You're here. Hoping and wishing that they weren't dead. Understanding death brings concern for the living. We lost something that can't be bought or exchanged. A life. We barley live these days, so why are we so focused on the dead. Steady trying to revive the soil and replant the flowers. Living our lives in the shadows of the dead. Not creating our own legacies. Forgetting to plant our own flowers and hogging all the seeds. It's like we've already been pronounced dead.


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I didn't realize how selfish I was prior to losing an immediate family member. We get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about others. We need them just as much. Once their gone seems to be the only time we truly express that need. The absence of their being embarks an emotion indescribable. It's the step after the initial mourning period that caused me to grow. I wanted to be present. I started correcting my own flaws and sending praise to those who were deserving. Remember, give people their flowers while they're on earth and you will have peace once their gone.

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