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Exploring the Storm

When the storm came I felt disoriented. Unprepared for the destruction it would leave behind. The gloomy sky resembled the thoughts that lingered in my mind. The rain drops are an accumulation of the feelings I couldn't hold in. Each drop mimicked the tears that so gently kissed my skin. The puddles that gathered serve as a place holder for the despair I couldn't let go of. Catch me from sinking. Seems like the sun will never return. The crater of the earth that are so poorly constructed began to flood from the overflow. Sun, where are you? The parts off me I hate the most are starting to appear in the storm. I'm holding everything in until I'm under . This is my only defense towards the storm. Drowning. The storm has no calm moments. Its powerful winds strike like the self-doubt that holds me back. It's like backlash. I feel it pushing firmly on my being. I'm trying to find the courage to face the storm. With hard rains and strong winds a clear path seems so far away. The memory of clear skies is what I'll hold on to. The water is now so high up. I'm to late. I've allowed myself to soak, walking is now impossible. One step forward and now I'm half way in. I keep questioning myself ! "Dear Lord , when will I stop questioning your help?", am I too late? I know people pretend that this storm wont break them. Yet, I get apprehensive with the slightest thought of an end. I won't pretend. This is what made me. The wind, the rain and all its complexity molded me. I've met my maker. The Storm. When it comes I feel lonely, like I'm its only target. The rubble it leaves behind are the lessons I've learned. Fragments of me I let go of. So I ask, what's a connection with no correlation to love? Guarded and unavailable. We constantly reveal our inability to love. Our fear of love. It's love that we need. The lack of love is why we're here. Stuck and unable to give love. I believe that you want to love but you were never taught, so you gave up on love or continue to love ineffectively. Unexpectedly, the love you're lacking is a reflection of the storm. Complex and destructive. You're not only denying yourself love but you're causing an uproar in your being. Loneliness, depression and insecurity may all be characteristics of your storm. It's not to late. We may be sinking but we won't allow ourselves to drown. It may feel like too much but we can't pretend were ok. Let go of the hurt and watch the storm clear up.


Writers View:

I believe we all go through trials and tribulations. This brings on feelings that we may not know how to express so we then began to push people away. Expressing emotions in a positive manner allows us a release. It's the build up that creates destruction. Some storms we can't explain and others we don't know how to explain. Give love even when you feel you don't have any left. Storms are temporary, the Sun will shine again.

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