That's a word I can't relate to.

The passion that's burning won't allow me to be anything but elevated.

I'm (Elated).

Stop trying to box me in. My arena? The world. Even Mayweather couldn't box me in.

Two fist up.

I'm waiting for the next victim.

Size me up.

Passion and heart equates to something we're not all familiar to.

I'm locked in, with straight tunnel vision.

I can't hear you.

I don't see you, I'm on a straight path that even a boxed mind couldn't assemble too.

Open up.

I value more than you wish to allow me to.

That box wasn't big enough for a package my size. The luck and wishing never add up. That's l x w but I'm blessed, so I never lucked up. See the box will never fit me, so stop trying to figure it out.

Lock me in.

I'll come out fighting, ready to execute my next plan.

This lifestyle is not a trend, but something to defend when people look at the beginning and question the end.

My outcome won't be outdone, but overdue. What's for me, doesn't have to be an acquired taste for you.

This will all transpire, my desire to reach greatness is stronger than my fire.

Yes, I'm on fire.

Hot and ready to admire the journey.

Those that cheered me along and withheld that tiny box and those tiny thoughts will be the ones I remember.

A box.

This tops all that I've experienced. All that I've expected has been shrunk.

Shrunken down to a box.

Who would've thought that these hands would touch so many lives just by typing? That each word would be a catalyst to our connection.

Just by igniting a light that others so often tried to dim.

I'm not upset.

I don't expect you to get it. And yet, I do regret ever letting you think a box was big enough.

Strong enough.

Really, is it even capable of holding me in?

It's not worth it.

Cardboard and fire don't mix.

You'll burn yourself trying to burn me with your one-sided fix.

This world isn't one size fits all. I have custom measurements.

Your journey? Doesn't compare to mine.

Please stop trying to intermix the two.

Remember that boxes break down.

Sadly, that broken-down box is starting to resemble you.

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Having people question your path and pick apart your dreams can be frustrating. This was written from a place of "Im fed up". What you go hard for doesn't have to make sense for anyone else. How fast or how slow they did it doesn't have anything to do with you. Stop projecting your life onto others. Its discouraging to some and others may dismiss your opinions going forward. Support those around you. Pulling others down to make your self feel higher will not work for long. The fire is so strong, you will get burnt.

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