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In My Reflection

Hello, how are you ? I look in the mirror and see my reflection staring back at me. I inspect myself but all I see is my reflection. Exploring myself like we’re meeting for the first time. Relearning the things I lost to fit into the mold others thought fit best. Losing the worst parts of me created the worst parts I see , because I didn’t lose them for me. I let go because of the person I thought I should be. That person was never me. It never could be. I look in the mirror and all I see is me. The me I’ve always been , that’s the only me I could be. I lost it when I thought changing the way I loved would bring me more love. When changing my goals to fit those around me so I wouldn’t leave no one behind. When I allowed fear to push me in a corner and instead I watched from the outside. I Lost it. I don’t need to find myself. I know who I am. I need to strengthen myself so I’ll never let go of the me I should be, but empower the me I could be. I look at my reflection and all I see is me. So why do I allow other that are not in my sight take charge of my life ? Why do I let perception become my reality? There’s only one lens I can look through and that is my own. When I look in the mirror I see me. The me I worked so hard to be. So when people see me and don’t like what they see,why don’t they look at their own reflection? Instead of deflecting and reflecting that deceptive thing they call advice ? Retracting from me to hide their on enacted personal directive. Hoping I lose power over myself to give them power over me . It’s in my reflection that I hold power. That I control what you see. It is your eyes that imitate the perception I give you of me. I have control over me. Sorry for letting you ever think otherwise. I look at myself. Really look but this time there’s no need for an introduction. I see me for the first time in a long time. I rather go blind than look in the mirror and not like who I see. In My Reflection I reflect my own ideal perfection. Take a look at you, what do you see?


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