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Nobody ever knows exactly what you go through. A lot of times if it isn't public it didn't happen. Sadly, this is how we break. It's not logical to compare a person outside being to what they feel internally. The shell that protects us weakens overtime. We've all been there. Broken down, pushed around and abandoned by those we love. The trick here is we don't recover. We patch up that wound and allow the same injury to happen repeatedly. Well now we're all infected. It's like were treating cancer with Band-Aids. Tolerating those that hurt us and riding the high of pain they left behind. Why can't we heal? Why allow it all to suck any more life out of you? See, when do we start to value ourselves enough to acknowledge that we're broken? That infection you have is spreading to everyone you encounter. Hurt is contagious. Those who hurt are immune. The infected spread infection, they don’t have the cure. It’s too late for them. You have to heal. Say sorry, be vulnerable, cry it out, write it down and scream it out. HEAL. What’s in the past is only still living because it’s still present within you. Alive and feeding off your negative thoughts, your close- minded feelings, your selfish ways, and your toxic behavior. Oh someone made you this way? Then you know how it feels to be a victim of the infection and guess what! You're projecting that same energy onto someone around you. Let people carry their own baggage because you’re still building and learning how to carry your own. Learn to mind your business and pour the energy you give back into yourself instead of continuously filling an empty cup. I guarantee healing is a much bigger process than being able to say “I’m over it “ or “it didn’t break me". Because you relive the moment every time you're reminded of it. The infection has already spread. You're already infected. Quarantine yourself and explore the cause of your infection. Your health will then restore.


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This post is all about self reflection. Find that thing you constantly push to the back of your mind but still think about. Practice letting go. You're not ok and you're behavior is horrible. Don't allow the weight to drag you down. Pick yourself up and provide space for healing. Maybe it won't get better. Accept that and move on. To many of us are bitter and pretending we're not. You don't have the answers. If you did this post wouldn't have spoken to you.

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