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Opinion Lemonade

Lemons are a representation of a fresh start or an obstacle . Lemonade is the products of squeezed lemons added to water. It's typically sweeten with sugar but that can be substituted with other sweeteners such as honey. Opinions are a view or judgement formed toward something or someone. Opinion lemonade. Fresh thoughts and sweet perspectives. Often life gives us the lemons and opinions create the lemonade. It's something that doesn't have to be ask for. The sugar of the mix. It has become so normal to have opinions in your lemonade that we've added them to the ingredient list. Those lemons are sour. Full of vindictive enzymes. We still pour them into our water despite that. Well, I've decided to go on a lemonade diet. Therefore when life throws me lemons ill replant the seeds instead of squeezing the first one thrown at me. I want to create my own mistakes, without your opinions. Its my life right? My lemons. I take full ownership over my life. Therefore, your opinions won't sweeten my lemonade. Its not my flavor. I don't like the bitter taste you have to offer.

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