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Rooted Vol 1

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Rooted. Attached to the earth. Grown from the land. Connected to the dirt. Like a tree, we are all rooted. Nurtured in soil and watered to fruition. Not all of us make it. Like the branches we get weak and fall to the ground. Disconnected from our roots. No steady supply of nutrients, instead we are left free range to the birds. They pick us up and drop us off in unfamiliar territory. There we are tossed around, stepped over, and forgotten about. As a branch there’s no support. Our roots are now so far away. We are then forced to ground ourselves. Pour water into each other, reminding ourselves of the roots that we once had. The Roots we can only hope to one day see again, hopefully we can create a tree.

The legacy that we once had. Is forever gone. Remember you’re only a branch. Not capable of being a root. Not developed enough to know how to be one. So do we accept this? I mean it belongs to us. It’s our legacy, our heritage, our roots that have been taken . Branches. That’s all we are. Weak and unrooted. Dragged by birds and expected to forget the dirt that once protected us. Yes us. Dirty and broken. The same dirt that nurtured us is the same dirt we run from. Its now so foriegn we forgot how powerful the connection was. It’s no longer healing, but what do we know ? We’re just branches . We fell from our roots at such a vital time. Our life lines cut off, our riches dismembered, our trust ... HA, we don’t have that. Our beings are so lost that it is apparent what we lack. We don’t trust ourselves to take risk. We don’t trust others to take us. Take us from a life we believe is rooted. Rooted deep in a dry soil. We’re the water once poured into us, has now run dry. Our riches have dried up. Our branches are now broken. Broken and sporadically placed out onto the dehydrated soil. Yet, we still claim to be grounded. What are we grounded in ? Grounded in debt ? Grounded in heartbreak? Grounded in depression? Grounded in hate? Oh that’s not you? You can’t relate? Because you’re rooted right? Funny. Its funny how fast you separated your self from what is clearly your reality.

The people around you won’t allow to be grounded that’s why you’re isolated . You stayed away from the other branches, you allowed the water to not just flow to you, but through you. Back in to the dirt that once nurtured you. You sat back and observed. While other branches fell off or left you behind due to your lack of, you waited. You didn’t conform. When their water dried up, they looked to you. Asked for your help. Questioned how you could still be hydrated, liberated and grounded. See, you never claimed to be grounded. That wasn’t your end goal. So when you felt ready you made your move. You opened up and showed them. You didn’t jump on the bandwagon or chase after friends and relationships because they didn’t pour into you. They couldn’t give you what you deserved so you let go. No one seen you until it was to late. Now that dry soil doesn’t seem so exciting, right? I can’t move outside of myself to please you. Move outside of my goals to make you comfortable. Move slower so you can catch up. I will not move away from my path because I’m ROOTED. Yes that’s right. Unapologetically Rooted into what’s for me. My time is now.


Writers View:

In African American culture and society, we are torn away from our roots (we are the branches) those who stayed true to themselves and didn’t allow outside pressures to influence them are the ones that grew. We don’t help each other if it doesn’t benefit ourselves ( the soil being watered ) . With those roots being lost we selfishly “worry about ourselves” therefore only some of us have the chance to truly be rooted .Those who don't believe in you are only holding you back forcing you to doubt yourself. Being rooted is obtaining complete confidence in yourself and your journey. This can also be translated in a personal sense of being true to yourself and your journey. Remember who you are and the steps you need to take to get there. Whats for you will always be for you. Stay rooted In your being.

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