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The Next Chapter

This feels personal. The next step in life is so uncertain, so unsteady and very much unpredictable. This next chapter feels warranted. It’s like I know what I want and I’m destined to have it. No one can see it as clearly as I do. I keep hearing “not yet “ “you’re not ready” and “be patient”. The time is now, I am ready and it is my turn. It’s time. Time to flip the page and start a new chapter. As I flip the page, the crips edge smacks down against all the crumbled pages I’ve accidentally ripped by turning to fast. The pages that tear marks left a permanent wrinkle on whither against the wind. The pages I desperately wanted to rip out because they made my life hell sit there undisturbed. So I grab my book mark. Save this moment. Look back and begin to doubt myself. I flip the corner of the page. Save this moment. Put it all on pause, I’ll comeback and finish it later. I’ll eventually detach, I’ll say goodbye to those moments that ever made me doubt myself. The people who told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t. I’ll let go. But I’m still in this chapter, scared to move forward. I want those pages to help me write this next chapter. I’m afraid if I wait I’ll never pick the book back up. It’ll go Unwritten. Unread. Unfulfilled.

But wait.

You are the author in this chapter, you get to set the pace. You decided what goes and what doesn’t. Time to stop waiting on others to get comfortable, and accept that we’re just not on the same page. I’ve waited and prayed for everything that’s coming. Waiting for validation would be a disservice. Even if I fail. I’m ready for failure. If I succeed. Im ready for success. Whatever the next chapter has in store the time is now. Ask yourself, why am I afraid ? Why has fear stopped me from doing the things I desire? Rather it’s falling in love, or starting a buisness the worst that can happen is you fail and learn from it, either way you gain. You will work through all failures. Failure is not to fear. Your age , financial status, job status, martial status etc. is NO longer a valid reason. GET TO IT RIGHT NOW. Stop talking about it. Stop Dreaming about it. Your next chapter starts now.

Leave behind those who don’t see it.

Your vision is yours.

Today is the day.

This girl she wants it .. as tears roll down my eyes writing this. I am talking to me, I am talking to you, I’m talking to us. I’m tired of waiting, I’m tired for you , I’m tired for us. You want it don’t you ? We have to stop selling ourself short, living on other people terms. It’s our lives, our timelines , our moments. Your mother lived her life. Those were her mistakes not yours. Your father lived his life. Those were his failures not yours. Your grandparents have lived full lives in a completely different time. They all have survived. All have taken paths designed for them. All their flaws and failures hidden,yet painted so beautiful for our lives.The authors of the book of do’s and don’ts. That book is for you, it was already published. You don’t have a say. What chapter? What is this “ do your own thing and don’t listen to your parent nonsense” I know right. If you’re a parent you might not feel me but I’m here to tell you give your child space to make mistakes and write their own book of life. The tools for life should’ve been established by now if not,There’s nothing more you can do but guide. Offer advice , tell your perspective but do not write the book you wish you wrote for yourself.

This goes for all.

Your partner . You know girlfriend/boyfriend ,husband/ wife or life partner. Their pages should eventually meet with yours. You should end or begin on the same chapter. Taking advice and living for people are different. Waiting for people to be ready and waiting for someone who never intends on being ready is also different. Truth is you know it’s time. You know you’ll never be ready to leave that trauma behind. You’ll never be ready to jump with no one there to catch you, so stop saying you will. Just jump . Trust your instincts.

It’s time to turn the page. The writing process starts now. Do it before you miss out on the opportunity. Do it before you miss out on love. Do it before you’re no longer on this earth to finish this book. Go ahead turn it ...

Page 1...

The start of the new chapter.

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