The Parts of You

Every part of you I want to explore . Your happy parts , sad parts , frustrated parts , the parts you can’t explain , the parts you wish to erase. The parts of you no one else have taken the time to explore. It’s upsetting that there’s a part of you I’ll never understand and parts of me you will never know but the most exciting part is that we can create new parts together parts that we both feel , we both relate to, we both can grasp. I look forward to this .It’s the part I hate the most , the part where you jokingly laugh off the seriousness in your tone when you get to the parts you don’t understand. If we parted would you share the parts we created together with your next partner ? Or would you pair parts of our story to create a new one ? I want to be apart of you. I want you to feel my heart as if it was your own. I hardly expected to feel parts of me I burried to be apart of you.

This time apart I will take the time to work on those parts of me and instead of parting ways I hope we grow. I hope we collide and become one. Pardon me for expecting more than your willing to give but it was the parts of you that you gave to me that have me feeling this hard. Open up to me, share every part. Please don’t hold anything back. The part of me that’s half of you has parts of us that still needs time. Time we didn’t give. The time we failed to put in. Instead we ran from the part of love we feared the most. It was that part that hurt the most. I wanted all the parts of you. Your sad parts ,your happy parts, the parts you cant explain. Honestly I just want to love every part of me. I skipped the part where this love letter is addressed to self. That’s the crazy part. I fell out of love with myself. I didn’t even know I was losing parts I love to conceal parts I couldn’t explain. Pardon my invasion... this is where you start seeing yourself. All the parts you thought no one seen are now staring back at you. Is this your sign? Do you start analyzing yourself and discovering the pieces of the puzzle that didn't fit? It was never supposed to, a new picture was painted but you missed that part. You were always the muse, always the finished product. You stoped believing in you. Thats where you lost the parts of you that made you feel complete. Pick up the pieces and finish the puzzle.


Its easy to get caught up in life. Theres many factors that come into play that makes us forget who we are and what our purpose is. Yes, this sounded like a love letter and may have been motivated by love but we often deny or own self love and disguise it as many other things. It's ok to put yourself first and acknowledge your flaws and assets. Like a true love story we crave reassurance. This love story is all about self.

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