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Unlocking Your Truth

I imagine a world where we know what we want and how to get it. Is that naïve? Do you feel like you're living in your truth? Well, I have a feeling you're trapped. Wrapped in this blanket of who you think you should be and what others tell you to be. Suffocating yourself just to suppress the loneliness that's keeping depression, self doubt, and darkness at bay. Instead of grasping for air and trying to catch up, just breathe. Take a deep breath. Living in a world that expects you to have it all is exhausting. It's impossible to obtain wholeness when your world is already so empty. You feel it don't you? That urge in the pit of your stomach telling you to give up? To digest the impossible and face the world with no self doubt, no baggage and just go for everything you want. How can you ? How can you unlock the doors to reach your truth when you're not a locksmith?

I mean can a mouse release itself from a snake when it's strapped in so tight? IT CANT. It's suffocating. You're suffocating, and no one can help you. Only you can help yourself. The people you looked to for the keys, are the ones that locked you in. They set the trap, talked about it as if it was something so great. Now they're just waiting for you to take the bait. Waiting to hear that "snap". Watching closely and listening hard for the moment you fail. The moment you give up. Don't you hear the snakes hissing? It snapped. There goes that façade, you can no longer hide. You're exposed. It's ok to cry. It's ok to be vulnerable. After all, you've allowed yourself to be trapped. It was you vs you. Don't be disappointed or point the blame on anyone else. Take complete ownership of how you allowed things to play out. The keys are there. You know your truth. Now own your truth. Wear it unapologetically and no one will ever be able to trap you.


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You hold the keys to your true potential. When we get trapped it's because we've allowed others to trap us. We gave them power over us and showed them how weak we felt. Take your power back. Don't let other people's downfalls become your own. Unlock your truth and the rest will align accordingly.

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