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Who is She ?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

She finally did it. You're probably reading to see what she's all about right? Whether you know her personally or not. She's ALWAYS the same but maybe just a different version of herself. The thoughts that occupy her mind are often suppressed, but that could be for your own good. She's Unapologetic. Boastfully Blunt . Confidently Courageous but undeniably, I AM HER. I am she , she is me. Here I stand as your friend , I pledge with all my heart to tell it like it is. This isn't for the sensitive or close-minded. It's for the BOLD. My intentions are not for you to relate or agree but to listen. Listen to the misfit that never wanted to fit in so she created her own lane and made you conform to her madness not your definition of her. Thats right don't define her. Is it to much ? Still don't know who she is ? Like I said this is just one version of her. It's ok. It's an acquired taste. A desired vibe.

This is for you, rather you know it or not. Get ready to think outside of the box and explore new outlets. Together we will ride the plethora of thoughts and ideas she has to offer.

#introduction #girls #notsorry #welcome #confidence

#lifelessons #growing #plants

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