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Year of the Labels

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Who are you to throw a label on Someone who’s opinion differs from yours? Since when is there only one way of thinking and since when did I have to assimilate to the masses? 

One label fits you & that's judgemental. You throw around labels like the Scarlet A. Thinking if you categorize an opinion and label it, you set yourself apart from it. Thinking if they could wear a label for the world to see they’d depart from it. You are not God and your way of life is not the only way. You don’t hold the Scarlet A, you are not it’s master. You have the same rights as the next man and the man after him and that is freedom to think and freedom to speak no matter how offensive it maybe. Censoring does not change the topic or protect those that it may affect . Now more than ever you see how a shield /a mask does not protect us from disease. It’s only a band-aid to prevent the spread of a bigger problem. Once someone forgets their mask, the germs spread like wildfire. You can not protect those who may be hurt by the tongue of others by providing this shield of a label. Categorizing an opinion as fatphobic , homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist etc. Does not minimize the voice that speaks the words that offend. You do not determine which phobia fits them best. You can not mute people with labels. This is not up for debate, giving out a label will never change their minds, but it will ignite the fire to defend their words. It is not ignorant to differentiate in opinions from the masses. No matter how wrong or right you feel they are, you are not the determiner. You are not exempt from judgement day. You have no power to judge and act as all-knowing. This is the final straw. The last time you point a finger and think one is not pointing back. The last time you throw a label out of hurt feelings from an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours or one you can’t understand. You are the scarlet A, big bold and scared. Sensitive to truth but you so loudly shut down those who speak theirs. So what is it you want? You want us all to agree? You want everything you do to be accepted? No adversities? Sorry to break it to you but you’re the highest at risk, the most vulnerable, take precaution and start social distancing because my opinions are loud and deadly. It’s not a personal attack because there are more like you, at-risk and ready to hand out a label that threatens their bubble. Being 6 ft. apart wouldn’t silence me. We could all stay at home and you’d still be at risk, still be weak, still looking for opportunities to point the finger. That won’t strengthen you , that’s not causing awareness, that’s not changing minds and it’s not silencing the world of opinions. 


Writers View:

When I speak of the scarlet A I am referring to the act of wearing a label that punishes you & exposes you to the masses. I am not referring to the scarlet A for its definition of adultery, just the example of judgment & the idea of wearing your sin.

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